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Accident & Health

Accident & Health

As an employer, you are concerned about the multiple hazards in terms of accidents and sickness that might affect the physical and emotional well-being of your employees.

Through SICOM’s Group Personal Accident and Medical and Surgical Schemes, we offer tailor-made solutions to help you maximise the effectiveness of your risk management program by protecting your employees as well as their dependents.

  • Group Medical & Surgical Insurance
  • Group Personal Accident

Group Medical & Surgical Insurance

Product Details Description
Product Line Group Medical & Surgical Schemes 

We have several Schemes to cater for the refund of medical as well as surgical costs incurred by employees and their dependents, and this, against a competitive contribution.  The differentiation among the various Schemes lies in the scope of the coverage and also the limit of the Sum Insured.

The contribution of employees to the National Savings Fund can be utilized towards the payment of the monthly contribution.

In general, benefits fall under the following categories:

Inpatient benefits

Covers costs when the insured person is admitted as an inpatient in a clinic either for surgical treatment or medical treatment.  

Treatment abroad

Covers the costs of treatment which has to be done abroad.  Covers airfare, hotel accommodation, taxi and also airfare and hotel for an accompanying person.

Outpatient benefits

Covers costs when the insured person is treated as an outpatient.  Covers consultations, medicine, optical costs, dental costs and also a number of specified chronic diseases.

Childbirth section Covers the medical costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

The actual Benefits insured will vary according to the Scheme chosen.

The amount refundable will be equal to a percentage (usually in the range of 80% - 90%) of the expenses incurred, subject to limits per item in the Table of Benefits of the Policy.

In the case of surgical interventions, the refund will consist of 100% of expenses incurred, subject to the limits per item as specified in the Table of Standard Benefits
For more details  Call us on 203 8400 or email us at  and we shall guide you through the application process


Group Personal Accident

Product Details Description
Product Name Group Personal Accident  

Benefits are payable in case of Accidental bodily injury causing Death or Disablement.  This group policy is available during working hours only or on a 24-hour basis.  Cover is usually on a worldwide basis.

The policy provides for the payment of benefits in case of bodily injury arising out of an accident caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means and resulting in any of the following:

  • Death
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Permanent Partial Disablement
  • Temporary Total Disablement
  • Medical Expenses

Benefits Sum Insured can be either a fixed amount or linked with salaries

Death 100% of the Sum Insured 
Permanent Total Disablement 100% of the Sum Insured 
Permanent Partial Disablement A percentage of the Sum Insured according to the degree of permanent disablement
Temporary Total Disablement A weekly benefit is paid if the employee is unable to attend  work 
Medical Expenses Medical expenses incurred are reimbursed up to the limit insured.
Eligibility The policy applies to groups of persons, such as employees of a corporate entity or members of an association
For more details  Call us on 203 8400 or email us at  and we shall guide you through the application process

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